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Welcome to the Hyster Blog dedicated to Big Trucks.  It is designed for ports, terminals and heavy industry decision makers all over the world and will be updated each week. 

Split into key sections, there will be interviews with Hyster Big Truck specialists, reviews by Antoon Cooijmans, Big Truck Product Manager, and in the “Technology Zone”, engineers will talk about some of the latest developments in big truck design.  Specialists will also offer tips that operators may find useful in daily operation and we ask you to send images or videos of your Big Trucks in action which will appear on the Blog.

You can ask the experts or email bigtrucksblog@hyster.com with any suggestions or comments.

Latest Blogs

Posted by Hyster Blog on 07 April 2014

Project Manager, Big Trucks, for NMHG, the Netherlands, Peter Van der Aalst, spoke at Intermodal Asia 2014 on Thursday 3 April, at the Shanghai World

Posted by Hyster Blog on 27 September 2013

High capacity Hyster forklifts with negative lift forks are used to gently place or remove boats directly from the water at Port Inland, in Mandelieu-

Posted by Hyster Blog on 26 September 2013

Hyster empty container handlers are used by East Coast Containers Depots in Durban, South Africa, operating 19 hours out of 24 on weekdays and nine ho

Posted by Hyster Blog on 25 September 2013

A Hyster RS45-31CH ReachStacker is used by Coogee Chemicals in Queensland, Australia, to pick up and store iso-tanker containers. The tank containers

Posted by Hyster Blog on 24 September 2013

Four Hyster H22.00XM-12EC empty container handlers are in operation at ANL Container Park in Melbourne, Australia. Fuel efficiency is achieved though

Posted by Hyster Blog on 24 September 2013

A Hyster LS RS 46-41 CH is required by SKD Intrans to transport containers from ships to rail in a demanding 24 hour operation in Slovakia. Previously

Posted by Chris van de Werdt on 30 August 2013

The new Hyster® H8-16XM forklift trucks use significantly less fuel to do more work than the previous generation models. Following the Hyster a

Posted by Chris van de Werdt on 29 August 2013

The latest generation of 8-16T capacity forklift trucks from Hyster provide exceptional versatility and power for demanding applications where attac

Posted by Francois Serfontein on 28 August 2013

Hyster has launched a new Wireless Access Monitoring System, Hyster® Tracker, which enables effective fleet management to support demanding mate

Posted by Hyster Blog on 15 August 2013

The highly durable mast designs by Hyster, as featured on Hyster® Big Trucks, have gone through intensive testing, simulating 20,000 hours, or 194